If you are looking for a hard case to protect your equipment, consider a Pelican Storm case. It features a rugged exterior and extreme water resistance. It also has padlockable hasps and double-layered soft grip handles for strong, durable comfort.

Whether you are a photographer, or need a tough case for military equipment, Pelican Storm cases will meet your needs. The key difference between this case line and the Protector Case line is the Press & Pull latch system that locks automatically yet opens effortlessly.


Pelican Storm Cases are renowned as the most rugged, waterproof cases on the market. They’re used by professional photographers, production companies, and military & law enforcement personnel. The patented Press & Pull latches lock automatically and open with a light touch, yet are strong enough to resist impact and stress. These cases are also airtight, a critical feature when packing delicate equipment in harsh environments like the desert or at high altitudes.

Designed with military-grade HPX resin, these cases are tough enough for even the most demanding applications. They’re airline-size compatible, and meet military testing requirements for crush resistance, dust protection, and watertight seals.

Pelican Storm Cases are perfect for protecting expensive electronic equipment, tools, personal protective gear and other sensitive items. They’re incredibly durable, and come with a pressure equalization valve and comfortable handles. Many models can be custom configured with padded dividers for specialized storage. This reviewer received promo considerations or sweepstakes entry for writing this review.


Designed for the professional, Peli Storm cases protect equipment from shocks, heat, moisture, dust and chemicals. They are lightweight, watertight and have a permanent Vortex valve that automatically equalizes pressure without letting in water. The patented Press & Pull latches open smoothly and close securely, even under impact or stress. They have molded-in hasps for padlocks and are airline carry-on approved.

Whether protecting expensive cameras, tools, small personal protective gear or firearms, the Pelican Storm case offers military-grade protection in a wide range of sizes. They are crushproof, dustproof and waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes, meeting or exceeding military testing requirements.

Many Storm cases offer a standard Pick N Pluck foam interior solution for custom fitting of your equipment. The foam is pre-cut into small 1cm cubes. You simply measure your equipment, mark it’s shape and pick the cubes out to create a snug fit. Many models also have lid mesh pockets for storing cords and cables.


Whether it’s protecting a large format camera that will shoot next month’s magazine cover, or a life saving defibrillator, Pelican cases are trusted by professionals everywhere to transport their most prized equipment. These rugged, lightweight cases provide protection from impact and water.

A patented Press and Pull latch opens easily with the lightest touch yet stays closed securely under impact or stress. Its unbreakable molded-in hasps can accommodate standard padlocks for added security. And its hinges have integrated feet that hold fast under impact and create a flat surface for upright stability.

Most Storm Case models have the option of TrekPak(tm) dividers that allow you to configure the interior of the case to fit your specific equipment. It’s a simple do-it-yourself system that includes pre-installed wall sections, divider panels and locking pins. Just measure your equipment, cut the divider panels to size and lock them in place. Lid organisers are also available for most models to keep your gear organised and accessible.


Whether protecting cameras and gear for photography, military equipment or firearms, Pelican Storm cases are built to keep your expensive equipment safe in any environment. With a crush-proof design, the case is guaranteed for life and features rugged in-line wheels to help transport the gear. In addition, the patented Vortex valve automatically equalizes air pressure.

With the Press and Pull latches, these cases open easily and close securely under impact or stress. They also feature unbreakable molded-in hasps to accommodate standard padlocks for added security.

From the large format camera that captures next month’s cover to a heart defibrillator that saves a life, it’s important to get your equipment from point A to B safely. The iM3100 case is lightweight and portable. It fits comfortably in the trunk of a sedan car and can be locked for extra security. Plus, it has removable convoluted and cubed foam so you can create a custom insert for your unique gear.

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