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Steve Kilbey looks at keyboardists in his third week as Artist In Residence.

For week three of Steve Kilbey‘s month as Artist In Residence, the frontman of The Church is looking at keyboard players.

It’s not the most glamourous position in a band, but Kilbey makes some inspired choices about players who have made a significant impact with the way they think about the instrument. Here are three songs from the past that Kilbey believes have interesting and captivating keyboard parts.

Brian Eno – ‘Spirits Drifting’

Brian Eno is a really interesting character. Of course you all know about him producing U2 and all that kind of thing. You see him now and he’s this kind of egghead guy raving on and on about scientific things you don’t really understand.

But a long time ago he was the resident lunatic in a band called Roxy Music until Brian Ferry kicked him out after two albums because he was garnering too much attention with the way he played the synthesiser and his peacock feathered outfits. He had enough makeup on to make a panda laugh.

Eno leaves Roxy Music and makes a couple of transition albums and then suddenly, in 1975 comes up with something different, Another Green World. He followed it up with another album called Before and After Science where he completely rewrote the rule book about instrumental music.

He was also the inventor of ambient music, discovered when he was in hospital with a collapsed lung. A friend brought in a record player and a record. The friend set up the record player but only one speaker was working and the record wasn’t playing very loudly. At first Eno was frustrated that he couldn’t hear this record. Then suddenly he realises that the little bit he can hear of this classical music is merging perfectly with the rain outside, the traffic on the street, the hospital equipment purring and bleeping.

It occurs to Eno that he’s going to create this genre of music called ambient music that is not meant to be listened to, but is meant to be listened along with a whole lot of other things in the background.

So he’s a very, very important keyboard player.

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – ‘Je t’aime… Moi Non Plus’

My parents came back from England in 1970 and they had that single with them. Three things grabbed my attention: one was the throbbing bass sound, played with the pick. Of course the other one was Jane Birkin having those sort of proto-orgasms – I’d never heard anything like that in my life. The other thing was that incredible groovy organ sound.

Nico – ‘The End’

Nico is on a keyboard called a harmonium. It’s like a pump organ, she pumps away with her feet and it provides air and she plays the organ. In the background we have John Cale and Brian Eno making various noises, like things smashing and things falling apart. Nico does a particularly Teutonic, ‘Twilight of the Gods’ version of Jim Morrison’s ‘The End’.

Hear Steve Kilbey’s entire show on great keyboard players all week and check out his other selections on Artist In Residence, each Sunday afternoon in February at 3pm. 


A new survey of bullying birdlife around the birdbath shows the Indian Myna gets a bad rap, we ask are our children integrating writing and keyboarding, meet a Jehovah’s witness who’s strayed from the fold and now makes a living as a stand up comedian, talk movies with Philippa Hawker, and tackle the thorny issues’ surrounding the philosophy of democracy.


At a small but packed dive bar filled with young people in Washington DC, 84-year-old Alice Donahue is leading the revolution.

She plays keyboard in her band Granny and the Boys and they are belting out the protest classic What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye.

All of the money raised on this night is going to the Women’s March on Washington, which will take place the day after President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Ms Donahue hopes the protest, which is expected to attract as many as 200,000 people, will send a clear message.

“That women should be recognised and most of all respected,” she said.

“If they’re not respected then something’s very, very wrong because every human being had a mother and that’s a woman.”

Women’s March


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Mr Trump’s relationship with women’s groups hit a new low during the campaign after a leaked tape revealed him appearing to boast about sexual assault — which he later dismissed as “locker room talk”.

“I’d rather it be another way,” Ms Donahue said.

“If I’d have used one of those words in my house I’d had my bottom spanked, so I’m not used to that.”

‘Security is a major concern’

Similar demonstrations will be held across the country and smaller protests have already started across the city.

Washington is preparing for more than a million out-of-town visitors.

Major General Bradley Becker from the US Army is the official guardian of the city and said security was a huge concern.

“Critically important, particularly in this day and age, with what we’ve seen going on around the world, any time there’s a large gathering, not just in this country but in many other countries, security is a major concern,” he said.

General Becker is urging the protesters and supporters to enjoy the day peacefully.

“Obviously, one of the great things about living in this country is our ability to exercise our First Amendment rights,” he said.

“We’re just hopeful that on that day of 20 January that those organisations, those groups that are here to protest or celebrate, do so peacefully.

“But I think our law enforcement is very well prepared just in case those demonstrations are not peaceful.”

Ms Donahue also said she hoped the protests would be free of violence.

“There is power in numbers and there is power in majority, but it has to be the way you present themselves,” she said.

“Just to be angry isn’t going to achieve anything because that’s what we’ve been dealing with all through the election.

“So march peacefully, put your point across and be safe.”


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