A new heat pump Daikin transfers energy between the air outside and inside your home to heat or cool you all year round. It also delivers superior energy star ratings, whisper quiet operation and is ideal for the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme.

Daikin split system heat pumps are endorsed by Sensitive Choice New Zealand and can display the blue butterfly symbol. They use environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant that reduces energy usage and global warming potential compared to traditional fluorocarbons.

1. Energy Efficiency

We design and manufacture air conditioners to perform better in New Zealand conditions – energy efficient, reliable and durable. Our portable and ducted solutions are also designed to be healthier, with ventilation, draught stopping and drainage – the minimum requirements under the Healthy Homes Standards Act.

All our Daikin heat pumps are authorised to display the Sensitive Choice butterfly symbol, and many have been approved for Warmer Kiwi Homes grants. They are the only heat pump solution that uses R-32 refrigerant, a new environmentally friendly gas that is more efficient than older technologies and has significantly lower global warming potential.

Our Pioneer Blade Series heat pumps have been designed for Kiwi conditions, with a more energy efficient compressor and high-quality inverter control. The Blade Series is Wi-fi enabled, so you can control your heat pump from anywhere using your smartphone. Their revolutionary M50 hydrocarbon refrigerant is also more efficient than R22 and has a lower global warming potential.

2. Noise

The sound created by your air conditioning should not be so loud that it’s waking you up at night or causing a distraction as you go about your daily business. Unfortunately, a family in Sydney’s northwest say they are suffering headaches and having trouble sleeping due to their neighbour’s loud air conditioner. Neil Huang and Nicole Leemburgen say they have spoken to their neighbour, Dr Fatemah Nazaran, but she has refused to turn the unit down. Parramatta council has ruled that the noise doesn’t breach any guidelines.

Screeching noises from the outdoor unit usually indicate that the fan motor or compressor need replacement parts. Whistling sounds are a more serious issue, indicating that there’s a refrigerant leak that could be dangerous for your health.

3. Comfort

Having an air conditioner in your home is not only great for keeping cool during the summer but can help with dehumidifying, filtering dust and pollen from the atmosphere. It can also help to keep appliances working correctly as they need to be at a certain temperature in order to function.

Every Kiwi home and family is different – which is why we offer a wide range of solutions from Mitsubishi Electric. Our portable AC units are designed to perform well in New Zealand conditions and are ideal for cooling your house during the hot summer days. They also feature a humidity control, allowing you to set the level of moisture in your home at just the right level.

We have a range of high-wall indoor and outdoor units that are perfect for the smaller rooms in your home or office. For example, the EcoCore AP Mini is New Zealand’s smallest high wall heat pump and is designed to be placed where space is at a premium.

4. Maintenance

Air con units and heat pumps require servicing and maintenance to keep them running efficiently and effectively. This helps them to avoid using unnecessary power and can even help you meet the healthy home standards set out by the new Healthy Homes Act and improve your energy efficiency rating. Our air conditioning and heat pump services are environmentally friendly with a choice of efficient and environmentally safe hydrocarbon refrigerants. This will reduce both energy use and GWP compared to conventional fluorocarbon refrigerants.

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